Corey Macfadyen

  • Grammy nomination ~ Walter Ostanek
  • Juno winner ~ Sue Foley  Album of the Year
  • Maple Blues Award ~ Best Live Recording
  • Christian Music Award ~  Bevacqua
  • Number 1 single on Billboard Charts ~Serial Joe


An asset to major labels, seasoned artist or new talent.  

The dedication to my work and extensive experience I possess can take your music to a new level or launch your music career in a new direction.


  • Produced and engineered over 60 albums
  • Production coordinator for live events/festivals
  • Composed and produced music for film & TV, including "Battle Drone", "Cheaper by the Dozen", "Drop Dead Sexy", "Going Thru a Thing" and "Dawson's Creek"
  • Worked with artists of all ages and musical genres
  • Professor at Algoniquin College teaching Music Industry Arts (3 years)   


  • Record production
  • Audio Engineering
  • Ability to teach and train all aspects of audio engineering   
  • Front of House management
  • Stage monitoring
  • Musician
  • Song writing
  • Ability to meet deadlines and handle multiple projects
  • Tour manager
  • Ability to work in a variety of venues
  • Ability to work in any high pressure audio situation

I was born into a family of musicians.  I started my music career as a drummer and guitar player.  My first "real" gig was when I was 10 years old.  I was hooked, and by age 16 I hit the road and went on tour.  I did extensive touring across England, North and Central America, including several cruises.  

Periodically during my music career, I joined my father, Lachlan Macfadyen (producer of Harlequin and Helix) and business partner, Jack Douglas (producer of Aerosmith and John Lennon) in the studio.  This infused me with the essential components of writing, recording, producing, and capturing the right performance in the studio.  This experience led me  into an interest  for doing live sound for every genre of music from Rock to Hip Hop, Rap and Symphony Orchestras when I wasn't playing.  

All of my experiences have allowed me to perfect my craft and provided me with opportunities to work with a wide variety of artists both in the studio and live shows.  I am always looking for ways to expand my knowledge and create something new! 

Over 30 years experience in the entertainment industry

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