Sue Foley - musician

"Corey Macfadyen is phenomenal.  He has huge ears and masterful instinct in the studio, and he is one of the most musical guys I know.  The fact that he plays several instruments and is so knowledgeable about so many styles of music makes it easy for him to help out where needed on a session.  We worked together on my CDs,  CHANGE and NEW USED CAR, and besides having a great time hanging in the studio, I was thrilled with how each CD came out.  Corey is the real deal"

Greg Fraser - musician

"Having the pleasure to work with Corey on numerous occasions, including the recording and mixing of Brighton Rock's live record, also Fraze Gang's debut record, Corey was very easy to gel with and highly knowledgeable.  You know you are in capable hands with the man, the myth, the legend known as Corey Macfadyen! "

George Daly - CEO About Records

Letter from George Daly

Jo Marr - Producer/Owner of Film Tiger

Letter from Jo Marr

Jack Douglas - producer of Aerosmith and John Lennon

Letter from Jack Douglas


Corey Macfadyen

Mitch LeGuerrier - former student at Algonquin College

Letter from Mitch LeGuerrier

Alan Tweedley - former student at Algonquin College

Letter from Alan Tweedley

Sal Piamonte - musician

"Corey has worked with me on a number of recordings, and each time he brings his heart into every project - combining an in-depth knowledge of recording experience and technigques, and blending them with an artists' sensibility.  Projects come to fruition in an honest "true to the vision" way, always surpassing expectations, and yielding world-class results. "